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General Service Air/Water Hose



Air Hose

A tough, heavy-duty, abrasion and ozone-resistant general service hose. Designed for the transfer of air, mild chemicals and water across multiple applications.

Pressure Rating: 250 PSI

Sizing: 3/8" - 2"

Steel Braided Air "Bull" Hose



Air Hose

A tough, heavy-duty, steel reinforced compressed air hose. Designed for the transfer of compressed air in large diameters in the construction, mining, machining industries.

Pressure Rating: 600-1000 PSI

Sizing: 1" - 3"

Push-Lock General Purpose



Air Hose

Low pressure braided hose for quick and easy insertion of push-on fittings with no special crimping tools required. Compatible with water, air, fuel, oil, coolant, and more. Fittings are reusable!

Pressure Rating: 300 PSI

Sizing: 1/4" - 3/4"

Sigma-Duty Max Suction Hose



Suction Hose

Duty Max is a heavy-duty, all-weather, suction hose for use in liquid manure handling, septic and wastewater handling, water suction, and general oilfield applications.

Pressure Rating: 50 PSI

Sizing: 1-1/2" - 4"

Light Duty Water Discharge Hose



Discharge Hose

Premium-quality, lightweight, lay-flat PVC hose that is economical and easy to handle. Excellent for pump discharge applications.

Pressure Rating: 50-90 PSI

Sizing: 1-1/2" - 4"

Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose



Discharge Hose

Lightweight general purpose hose designed for open-ended discharge applications. 300psi acceptance test/150psi working pressure.

Pressure Rating: 150 PSI

Sizing: 1-1/2" - 4"

Gamma-Heat Hot Air Blow Hose



Blower Hose

High heat-resisting EPDM blower hose made with premium-grade materials for reliable service life when connecting the blower to flow lines on dry-bulk trailers.

Pressure Rating: 150 PSI

Sizing: 3" - 4"

Commonity Bulk Discharge Hose



Trucking Hose

Soft-wall discharge hose used in the transfer of dry materials and slurries. Ideal for dry cement, pebble lime and other abrasive media.

Pressure Rating: 75 PSI

Sizing: 4" x 1/4" Wall